What You Need to Know About Condominiums

Condominiums or condo is a term used in the United States and most provinces in Canada. Condos are more complicated than buying and living in a single family home. You  must understand what it is you are purchasing and whether the lifestyle will suit you and your family. Read more here

How to Lower Tax Liability Arising from Property Sale

Property owners are always concerned about thier potential tax liability arising form the sale of a residential or commercial property and how they can lower their liability or avoid paying tax altogether. This paper will explain with practical illustrations, how an owner of land can sell property and pay little or no tax. Read more here

Regulatory Overview of Equity Capital Markets in Ghana

This is an overview of the Capital Equity Markets in Ghana. Kindly read more here

Public Private Partnership Bill in Ghana

The Public Private Partnership Bill 2016 was laid before Ghana's parliament in 2016 and had reached the consideration stage when the elections were held, but will now have to pass through the legislative process again. The new government has, however, signalled its commitment to pass the Bill quickly, and any amendments are likely to be minor as the Bill is in line with international best practice, and with other PPP legislation in Africa. A procurement process is currently underway for consultancy services for preparing the regulations under the Act, with work expected to begin in October. Read more here

Investing in Ghana

Ghana is often considered a gateway for trade and investment in West Africa. While agriculture still provides employment for more than half of Ghanaians and accounts for almost one-quarter of GDP, Ghana’s industrial base is relatively advanced compared to other African countries and its most important service sectors include trade, transport and storage, and real estate. Read more on Investing in Ghana here.


Classification of New Mine Support Services

Mineral right holders are required to procure certain services from companies registered for that purpose with the Minerals Commission. The Minerals Commission is the regulatory authority responsible for the regulation and management of the use of the mineral resources of Ghana and the co-ordination ofthe policies related thereto. Companies registered with the Minerals Commission to provide mine support services are known as “mine support service providers”. To read more on this article, please click here

Ghana – Côte d’Ivoire Maritime Boundary Dispute
Implications of the Decision of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

In this newsletter, we review the decision of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (“ITLOS”) in relation to the dispute concerning the delamination of the maritime boundary between Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire in the Atlantic Ocean. Read more on the Implications of the Decision of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Patent Protection in Ghana

Intellectual property can be an income generating corporate asset. By protecting a company’s intellectual property, the company is vested with rights to exploit or commercialize the intellectual property to generate revenue. Revenue may be generated by licensing the intellectual property for fees, building an industry around the protected intellectual property and enjoying the exclusivity of exploitation or industry control for the term of the rights afforded the intellectual property. Read more on Patent Protection in Ghana here.

Africa TMT Briefing

The Africa TMT sector continues to grow. Recent market activity and legal developments are summarised below. These demonstrate a focus in the region on increasing access to communications services (including through investment in infrastructure) and mobile money. Read more on the Africa TMT briefing here.