The Litigation & Dispute Resolution (LDR) team is led by Managing Partner This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The team recognizes that the demand for dispute advice and risk management has changed significantly in recent years and it is the team’s priority to help clients best deal with these challenges and opportunities.

The team places strong emphasis on the practical understanding of a client’s business problems and on preventive measures to avoid litigation where possible.

The team assists clients in exploring Mediation, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution. The team also has significant experience and expertise in Commercial and Corporate Litigation and Dispute Resolution, as well as international dispute resolution and arbitration.

When litigation is inevitable, the team can provide committed and aggressive representation, including seeking immediate injunctive relief where appropriate. The meticulous approach of this team provides it with the ability to identify the legal and factual issues and their associated uncertainties and provide definitive advice on the likely outcome of litigation.


We have acted on behalf of a wide range of corporations on general commercial disputes. Some examples include: 

  • Successfully representing an international franchise operator in the hospitality industry, in a claim by a former partner over an alleged management and operating agreement with potential claims/counterclaims involving sums exceeding US$4million
  • Acting for a gold mining company  in a claim involving a breach of contract for the haulage of gold ore and involving a damages claim in excess of $1million
  • Representing a car manufacturer in an action involving cross-boundary lease rentals
  • Providing legal advice on the enforceability of a proposed lease to an airline company
  • Representing a tobacco company in trademark litigation
  • Representing a multinational company in the energy industry in a dispute with the government of regarding a Power Purchase Agreement.

We deal with substantial and complex domestic and international contractual disputes involving highly complex factual and legal issues and multi-state enforcement.

  • Represented a company in the financial services industry in its claim against a multinational company in respect of promissory notes in excess of €200million
  • Represented an investment management company in a dispute involving bonds issued on the New York capital market. This dispute was in excess of $2million.
  • Represented an international finance institution in the recovery of a loan of over $1million
  • Advised a trading export company in the recovery of various commercial debts owed by a number of local companies arising from commodities exports.
  • Represent an international financial institution in the recovery of over GHS 6million
  • Continually represent a number of banks in high value recovery actions. 


We have in-depth experience in international arbitration and specialise in complex commercial arbitrations and post-award enforcement. We have acted as Ghanaian counsel for a number of multinational companies in international arbitration, on very high value disputes involving cross-border and other complex issues. Due to the confidential nature of these disputes, we are unable to provide extensive details. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details of the nature of our experience. 


We have represented a range of clients on tort, land law and trust related disputes as well as in judicial review, constitutional and customary law matters. We also regularly act in conjunction with the other teams in the firm such as the Pensions Employment and Immigration team in dealing with labour disputes, or the Construction Infrastructure and Transport team in actions concerning breaches of procurement law or at the Lands Tribunal.  Some examples are:

  • Represented a beverage company in litigation involving a sale and purchase of several acres of industrial property
  • Represent leading telecommunication operators in numerous property disputes involving land where telecommunications satellites are located
  • Defended a major media organisation in various intellectual property and defamation disputes
  • Successfully represented a number of multinational and local manufacturers on cases involving product liability
  • Successfully defended a medical service provider in a major land dispute involving the land on which a proposed state-of-the-art hospital is to be constructed
  • Advised a major aviation and aeronautical engineering firm in respect of a Procurement Act claim